I need a function, which will collect terms next to the same rational power of a given variable. For the input

RCollect[3xy^(3/2)+2/y+zx/y-y/x+2*x^z y^(3/2),y]

the desired output is


I'm aware that output is ambiguous when powers of the RCollect variables are unspecified RCollect[2 x^k1+3 x^k2]. In such a case, the function should collect terms next to x^k1 and x^k2 separately.


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Let me first advise that the expressions like xz Mathematica understands as a new variable, rather than a product. To define a product, you should instead write either x z (with white space) or x*z.

There is no need for a special function for your task. Collect makes the job like follows: Here is your expression:

expr = 3 x y^(3/2) + 2/y + z x/y - y/x + 2*x^z y^(3/2);

Let us first prepare a list for Collect:

lst = (Map[Exponent[#, y] &, List @@ expr] // DeleteDuplicates) /. 
  x_ -> y^x

(*  {1/y, y, y^(3/2)} *)


Collect[expr, lst]

(*  -(y/x) + (3 x + 2 x^z) y^(3/2) + (2 + x z)/y  *)

Have fun!


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