I want to solve a BVP $y^{\prime\prime}(t)+y^{2}(t)-t^{4}-2=0$, with BCs $y(0)=0, y(1)=1$. Solving $x^{\prime\prime}=0$ with the BCs, we get the initial approximation $x_{0}=t$. The exact solution is $y(t)=t^{2}$ where $t\in[0,1]$. Now I apply my method (called Khan-Green) to find the approximate solution as follows (here I use 20 iteration, i.e., Khan-Green x20:

Clear[a, b, x, z, y, t, s]
\[Delta] = 10^-30;
x[0] = Function[t, t];
a[n_] := a[n] = 0.2;
x[n_] :=x[n] = Function[t,Evaluate[Chop[Expand[x[n-1][t]+a[n]*Integrate[s(1-t)(x[n-1]''[s]+x[n-1][s]^2-s^4-2),{s,0,t}] + a[n]*Integrate[t(1-s)(x[n-1]''[s]+x[n-1][s]^2-s^4-2),{s,t,1}]],\[Delta]]]]
a1a = Table[x[n][0.5], {n, 0, 20}]

When I run my code for 20 iterations and $t=0.5$. Then Cleary my method converges to $0.25$ which the approximate solution of my BVP for $t=0.5$. Now I want to plot the graph (t vs solution ($y(t)=t^{2}$) and my method. In fact I need a graph like given in the picture.

0.5, 0.454063, 0.416396, 0.385568, 0.360377, 0.339817, 0.323054,0.309398, 0.298281, 0.289235,0.281878, 0.275896, 0.271035, 0.267084,0.263874, 0.261267, 0.259149, 0.25743, 0.256033, 0.254898, 0.253977

enter image description here



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