I am trying to solve partial derivatives on Mathematica cloud. I checked the tutorial provided by Wolfram. And it says I can input differentiation variable by ctrl + _. However, whenever I am trying this chrome shortcut is working and just pressing control is not giving me any reaction. Is is a problem of my browser?

It is my first attempt to use mathematica and I think I might miss something.


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I think the majority of mathematica code is written in the standalone workspace, which is not browser based. The syntax you describe works very well when using a standard notebook, but in a browser, that particular key combination is already configured for the brower. This is the same for Firefox as well.

enter image description here

General advice in mathematica

Generally speaking, the subscript notation is just visual in nature. You could always use the non-subscript variant for taking a partial derivative:


I would say that subscript notation can be a bit tricky at times as it complicates notation overall. IF you can get away without subscripts, I would suggest you avoid them as an initial step. As you get more confident in mathematica, they will naturally come into your coding practice. :)

An alternative suggestion

Perhaps you could consider downloading the program itself? If you have a licence through your institution or someplace else, then I would generally recommend that you use the desktop version.




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