Is there an option to tell Mathematica not to use iconized in its output?

I find these so annoying. The design is all wrong to tell you the truth. The default should be the other way around. It should be explicit output, and have the user request or change via preferences to ask for iconized output instead.

Here is an example

eq = ArcSin[y] == 1/x
Solve[eq, y]

Mathematica graphics

So now one has to reach to the mouse click on the icon, then click on the Uniconuze in order to see what is hidden:

Mathematica graphics

I want the above result to automatically show up.

I tried this option, but it didn’t have any effect:

BoxForm`$NewHolonomicBoxes = False

I looked at preferences and searched for any option related to iconize, but I didn't see anything. My setting for

Enter image description here

How can I make Mathematica not use iconized for any of its output?

I feel like I am using Microsoft Word these days when using Mathematica notebooks with all these bells and whistles in the interface.

I want to see math, not icons.

V 13.2 on Windows 10.


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BoxForm`$ConditionalExpressionIconizeThreshold = 0

should do the trick.

I figured this out by calling


and looking at the MakeBoxes up value. You could also call FormatValues@ConditionalExpression to see what kinds of conditions are placed on the formatting.


One can see the full expression by appending // InputForm (or setting this using $PrePrint).

However, I disagree that the "design is all wrong": in fact I think it is a huge improvement and an important feature of the Wolfram Language!

For example, consider the output generated by NDSolve[{y'[x] == y[x], y[0] == 1}, y, {x, 0, 5}]. The iconization of the interpolating function is brilliant!

But I do agree that users should be able to easily change the default settings to their personal preference.

Perhaps Itai Segeev would like to comment?


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