I have a GIF on my machine that I have imported via

gifLst = Import["/path/to/my/file.gif"]

When I then export it to the cloud, it gets slowed down in its animation speed:

CloudExport[gifLst, "GIF", "cloud/path/file.gif", Permissions -> "Public"]

Is there a way to retain the animation speed when importing and re-exporting like this?

Original GIF (normal speed)

Original GIF (normal speed)

Wolfram imported GIF (slowed speed)

Wolfram imported GIF (slowed speed)

Original GIF


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Maybe extract "DisplayDurations" from the original gif.

gif = Import["https://s3.gifyu.com/images/12th_NUC.gif"];
durations = 
Export["test.gif", gif, "DisplayDurations" -> durations]

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