I'm trying to use Mathematica's Compile[] function to speed up some of my computations:

Compile[<some_code>, CompilationTarget -> "C", RuntimeOptions -> "Speed"];

However, whenever I try to do so, I get the following error:

CCompilerDriver`CreateLibrary::nocomp: A C compiler cannot be found on your system. Please consult the documentation to learn how to set up suitable compilers.

When I execute the following code:


I get


And when I execute


I get

{{"Name" -> "Intel Compiler", 
"Compiler" -> CCompilerDriver`IntelCompiler`IntelCompiler, 
"CompilerInstallation" -> None, 
"CompilerName" -> Automatic}, {"Name" -> "Generic C Compiler", 
"Compiler" -> CCompilerDriver`GenericCCompiler`GenericCCompiler, 
"CompilerInstallation" -> None, "CompilerName" -> Automatic}}

I am using Mathematica 11 and Windows 11. What I've tried so far:

  • Installed gcc on my computer and configured the PATH correctly. When I type gcc on the command line, I get the expected output.
  • Installed Visual Studio 2022 C++ development tools.
  • Installed Visual Studio 2022 Build Tools for C/C++ development.
  • Read the documentations (both the official one and the one linked below).

What more can I do?



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