I want to ContourPlot an expression over an interval that excludes some points. Since i dont know how to do it I wrote

ContourPlot[{((1 - Tanh[X])/(1 + Tanh[X]))^-k == (k + Tanh[X])/(k - Tanh[X]),((1 - Tanh[X])/(1 + Tanh[X]))^-k == -((k + Tanh[X])/(k - Tanh[X]))}, {X, -0.1, 5}, {k, -Sqrt[(3/2)], Sqrt[3/2]},PlotRange -> {{0, 5},Full}, FrameLabel -> {"\!\(\*FractionBox[\(\*SubscriptBox[\(m\),\(\\[Phi]\)] L\), SqrtBox[\(2\)]]\)", "k"},ContourStyle -> {Red, Blue}, PlotLegends -> {"+sign", "-sign"}]

and obtained

enter image description here

But I want to plot for $0<k<1\cup 1<k\leq\sqrt{3/2}$ and $-\sqrt{3/2}\leq k<-1\cup -1<k<0$.

So, what I expect is the exclusion of the horizontal lines corresponding to $k=(-1,0,1)$.

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    $\begingroup$ Use the option "Exclusions" $\endgroup$ Dec 19, 2022 at 18:15

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Use the Exclusions option:

  FrameLabel->{"\!\(\*FractionBox[\(\*SubscriptBox[\(m\),\(\\[Phi]\)] L\), SqrtBox[\(2\)]]\)","k"},ContourStyle->{Red,Blue},PlotLegends->{"+sign","-sign"},

enter image description here

Note that I also had to exclude k==Tanh[X].


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