I performed a fresh install of Mathematica 13.2. The first code that I tried worked just fine under 13.0. It opens an SQL server connection using single sign-on (SSO) for my credentials. However, in 13.2 I got an error that I've seen many times before:

I/O Error: SSO Failed: Native SSPI library not loaded. Check the java.library.path system property.

This occurs because SSO needs the 'ntlmauth.dll' file to be installed, which doesn't come in a default Mathematica installation. This is easily solved by downloading this file from Sourceforge and installing it in Wolfram Research\Mathematica\13.2\SystemFiles\Java\Windows-x86-64\bin

Usually, I can then proceed without problems, but this time I get this error:

A Java exception occurred: java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: usr_paths

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Anyone got a clue what to do here? The connection seems to work, regardless of this error message, but of course I don't want this error message (and I do not like the option to just throw a Quiet on it).


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I haven't tried this solution yet but Wolfram provided the steps below. This won't solve the error message but at least they are working on fixing it in a future release.

Thank you for letting us know about this. The developers are working to have a fix soon. In the meantime a work around is to do the following:

ne workaround would be adding mssql authentication library location (C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\13.2\SystemFiles\Links\DatabaseLink\Java\Libraries\Windows-x86-64) to "Path" system environment variable.

Steps: Go to edit the system environment Select "Path" System variables. Click edit button. Click New button. Add mssql library path 'C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\13.2\SystemFiles\Links\DatabaseLink\Java\Libraries\Windows-x86-64' Click Ok -> Ok -> OK Restart mathematica

MSSQL_Library_Location: FileNameJoin[{$InstallationDirectory,"SystemFiles","Links","DatabaseLink","Java","Libraries",$SystemID}] //SystemOpen

Note: The connection with be sucessfull but there will be error message.


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