Edit: After reading the last answer from the related question mentioned below I saw that it was all I needed.

What I would like

I would like to type Comp and automatically see auto complete suggestions from Names["*Comp*"].


I will accept any sorting of the suggestions including any default sorting by auto complete but it would be interesting if it could be sorted by usage frequency. For example using WolframLanguageData like in one of the examples from the documentation :

data = DeleteCases[
    All, {"Ranks", "CanonicalName"}], {_Missing, _}];

Related question

There was a similar question here: Is it possible to improve Mathematica's auto-completion feature?.

But the answers there are designed to auto-complete LLP to ListLinePlot for example. I would like Plo to suggest also ListLinePlot.

ResourceFunction that seems related


searches in Mathematica's auto-completion suggestions. I could maybe get what I want from there but i need to incorporate it to the front-end interface and I know little about coding in the front-end.

Why ?

Because it allows finding functions that are in the same category and not having to remember the order in names. For example I often forget where to put Boundary in BoundaryDiscretizeRegion



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