I am new to Mathematica, and i am trying to Graph some blockchain transaction data. I would like the Addresses "From" & "To" to be the Nodes/Vertices, and the edges to be a transaction between them "From"->"To", i would also like to have the "Quantity" and "Method" to be the label for the edge. Ideally the graph would be a DirectedGraph. I have imported the CSV data as data1 and it is shown in a Table with the Column names "From", "To", "Quantity",and "Amount". I have tried using Graph[data1], however i get an error saying function expected a graph object at position 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apologies for such a noob question, i have searched far and wide to try find an answer but no luck just yet.

data1 = ResourceFunction["ImportCSVToDataset"]["trimftmdata.csv"];

A graph object is expected at position 1 in Graph Plot

enter image description here

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  • $\begingroup$ Hi, it's easier to help when there is a minimal example to work with that one could just copy and paste to their notebook and then show some of the steps with that example. Basically you can either make a toy dataset that mimics the structure of your dataset or you can extract part of the data and copy paste it here. That said, a direct first approach is to use something like Table[DirectedEdge[data[[$LineNumber, 1]], data[[$LineNumber, 2]], {data[[$LineNumber, 3]], data[[$LineNumber, 4]]}], {$LineNumber, $NumberofDataLines}] $\endgroup$ Oct 22, 2022 at 9:43
  • $\begingroup$ line can be replaced with row if you prefer that. The dollar signs are there because using capital letters can lead to conflicts with Mathematica functions but I wanted to highlight the names of the variables. You can use lowercase letters and omit the dollar signs as they are just names I chose. $\endgroup$ Oct 22, 2022 at 9:46

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Building on @userrandrand 's answer, define your data, perhaps as

data = {{1, 2, a1, a2}, {1, 3, b1, b2}, {2, 3, c1, c2}};

Then, convert it into a Graph with Tooltipped edges:

  Tooltip[DirectedEdge[data[[row, 1]], 
    data[[row, 2]]], {data[[row, 3]], data[[row, 4]]}], {row, 

You can improve the presentation of the third and fourth columns by using Style[ToString[...],options about text display].


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