I know DSolve. I know this community and I am able to gather some hacks.

There is this:

mid = Trace[
DSolve[{3 y[x] + 2 x y[x]^2 + (2 x + 3 x^2 y[x]) y'[x] == 0, 
  y[1] == 1/2}, y[x], x], Solve[_, y[x]], TraceInternal -> True] //
Flatten // Union

and many more, like coaxing DSolve to produce an implicit solution. This is to me seemingly necessary to work with DSolve. I already found the Wolfram monograph Working With DSolve: A User's Guide.

For example, how to enter the constants in wolframcloud.com?

I am aware of this Solve a differential equation.



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