I'm trying to make something like this work:


someData // Query[whatever...] /* summarizeInPrettyWay /* promptToRemoveCompoundExpression ;

should produce

(Please remove the semicolon and re-evaluate in order to see a summary of the data)

In words, I want to operate on some data (usually, in order to reduce it into a more manageable data set appropriate for some specific type of operation), prepare a summary of this reduced data set and allow the user of the Notebook to either see the summary or not (hence why I use a semicolon (;) at the end of the expression).

If the user decides not to remove the semicolon, when evaluating the cell (they evaluate a CompoundExpression) they will see a message informing them, that there is a summary of the data they just calculated, which they can review by removing the semicolon and re-evaluating the cell.

On the other hand, if the user decides to remove the semicolon (they evaluate a RightComposition) and evaluate, then the output is some summary description of the data without any message (prompting them to remove a semicolon, in order to see the summary).

The data are in the form of { <|key -> value, ...|>, ... }.

So far, I am failing.


This is the summary code:

funcs = {First, Last};
pretty = (Thread[{Length, Element} -> (MapAt[(Thread[funcs -> #]&) /* 
   Association, #, -1])] &) /* Association;
summary = (Through[{Length, Through[funcs[#]]&}[#]]&) /* pretty;

And here's a toy dataset:

toy = {

This is what I came up with:

msg = "Please remove the semicolon and re-evaluate to see a summary";
prompt /: CompoundExpression[__, prompt] := Print[msg]
prompt /: RightComposition[__, prompt] := Identity

And here are the ways it fails:

  1. toy // Query[Select[#z == "alpha" &]] /* summary /* Dataset /* prompt; doesn't print a message, as it should have.

  2. toy // Query[Select[#z == "alpha" &]] /* summary /* Dataset /* prompt evaluates to


when it should evaluate to

enter image description here

which is the expected output of toy // Query[Select[#z == "alpha" &]] /* summary /* Dataset (excluding the /* prompt)



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