I've been trying to plot the eigenfunctions of a square well with a quadratic surface. I don't know why, but when I try to plot it, it doesn't plot anything. Here is my code:

schrod = ParametricNDSolve[{-1/2 \[Psi]''[r] + r^2 == Ei \[Psi][r], \[Psi][-20] == 0, \[Psi][20] == 0}, 
         \[Psi][r], {r, -20, 20}, {Ei}];
Plot[\[Psi][5][r] /. schrod, {r, -20, 20}]

That's my code trying to plot the 5th eigenfunction, and this is what's returned. plot of the 5th eigenfunction

Am I doing something wrong?


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Change the function to ψ[r][5]

Clear[schrod]; schrod = 
 ParametricNDSolve[{-1/2 ψ''[r] + r^2 == 
    Ei ψ[r], ψ[-20] == 0, ψ[20] == 0}, ψ[
   r], {r, -20, 20}, {Ei}];
Plot[ψ[r][5] /. schrod, {r, -20, 20}]

enter image description here

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