I have a DateObject with lots of granularity and additional specifications, such as the following e.g.:

dateFull = 
  List[2022, 7, 18, 14, 0, 0],
  "Instant", "Gregorian", 0, "SmearedUTC",   
  List["DateTime", ":", "Millisecond"]

I would like to find a function f such that f[dateFull] returns DateObject[List[2022, 7, 18], "Day"]. This makes comparing dates easier as I can use functions such as Complement, DeleteDuplicates etc. when I am only concerned with the "Day" granularity.

In v13 I used to do this with DateObject[dateFull, "Day"] (see also DateObject granularity conversion), but in v13.1 it now returns the CalendarType ("Gregorian") as well i.e.: DateObject[List[2022, 7, 18], "Day", "Gregorian", 0].

Doing something like f = DateObject[DateString[#, {"ISODate"}], "Day"]& would work, but it feels ugly/hacky as it seems to imply that I would be better off working with Strings instead of DateObjects. (Indeed, given the ever evolving output of DateObject that may well be the case: if memory serves, DateObject[x, "Day"] behaviour was also different in v12. It seems like Wolfram is not quite happy with their dates behaviour.)

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    $\begingroup$ Is the "Gregorian", 0 bit breaking any code? You can do something like DateObject[dateFull, "Day"][[;; 2]] which works in v12 through 13.1 from what I can tell $\endgroup$
    – Jason B.
    Aug 2, 2022 at 11:52
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    $\begingroup$ @Jason.B yes sadly it is causing breaks. eg. Complement[ { DateObject[List[2022,7,18],"Day"], DateObject[List[2022,7,19],"Day"] }, {DateObject[List[2022,7,18],"Day","Gregorian",0.`]} ] Thanks I will try DateObject[dateFull, "Day"][[;; 2]] $\endgroup$ Aug 2, 2022 at 12:11

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I got in touch with the Wolfram technical team about this and they have suggested :

timeZoneApproach=DateObject[#, "Day", TimeZone -> None]&;

FullForm[timeZoneApproach[dateFull]] (* DateObject[List[2022,7,18],"Day"] *)

The suggestion from @Jason.B is about 2 times faster on my machine, but you run the risk that the DateObject function might return the position of List and "Day" differently in future upgrades.

For completeness:

partApproach = DateObject[#, "Day"][[;; 2]] &;

pA = partApproach[dateFull]; // RepeatedTiming (*{0.0000198191,Null}*)
tZ = timeZoneApproach[dateFull]; // RepeatedTiming (*{0.0000387157,Null}*)

pA === tZ (*True*)

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