I am trying to find the positive solution to this nonlinear ODE. Theoretically, it has been proven that this problem has a unique positive solution for lam large. But, Mathematica can detect only the zero solution (zero is a solution for all lam's). Any techniques to detect the positive solution?

lam = 30;
sol = NDSolve[{-D[f[x], x, x] == lam*f[x]*(1 - f[x]), 
(D[f[x], x] /. x -> 1) == -Sqrt[lam]*0.1*f[1], (*first boundary condition*) 
(D[f[x], x] /. x -> 0) == Sqrt[lam]*0.1*f[0]}, (*second boundary condition*) 
f, {x, 0, 1}];
Plot[f[x] /. sol, {x, 0, 1}, AxesLabel -> {x, f}, LabelStyle -> Directive[Black, Bold, 12]]

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Let us try a shooting method. The following code produces the solution for a given value of f[0]:

lam = 30;

We want to understand for which f[0] the boundary condition at x==1 is satisfied. This condition is that the following must be zero:


Let us plot this:


enter image description here

I picked the plot domain after some playing around. We see four values of f[0] where the condition at x==1 is also satisfied. I think the one OP asks for is the one on the very right, so let us see where it is:

(* 0.905557 *)

Plot the corresponding solution:

With[{s=sol[f0x]}, Plot[s[x],{x,0,1},AxesLabel->{"x","f[x]"}]]

enter image description here

It is everywhere positive. It is also not difficult to guess that this solution is symmetric, $f(x) = f(1-x)$, and a numerical check confirms this. No error or warning message was produced, so I am assuming we can trust the numerical evaluation. But of course, one should check.

Note. The above is a manual implementation of the shooting method. Actually NDSolve has a shooting method built in. To see how this works, see this tutorial. Here:


Let us use this to plot the four solutions mentioned above:


enter image description here

Note 2. The quantity 1/2*f'[x]^2+lam*(1/2*f[x]^2-1/3*f[x]^3) is independent of x for every solution.


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