Last time I asked a question about putting the text after the line legend here and it works fine for that example.

enter image description here

LineLegend[{Red, Blue}, {"cubic", "quadratic"}, 
 LegendLayout -> "Column", "MarkerLayout" -> After]

Now I also want to apply this to this PointLegend by adding Method->"MarkerLayout" -> After mentioned by kglr here but it doesn't work. How can I fix this?

Options[legend1] = {Joined -> Automatic};
legend1[colors_, polymarkers_, legend__, , OptionsPattern[]] := 
 PointLegend[colors, legend, Joined -> OptionValue[Joined], 
  LegendMarkers -> (ResourceFunction["PolygonMarker"][#, Offset[4], 
       EdgeForm[]] & /@ polymarkers), LegendMarkerSize -> {30, 30}, 
  LegendLayout -> (Column[
      Grid[{##}, Alignment -> {Center, Center}] & /@ #, 
      Spacings -> -1] &), Method->"MarkerLayout" -> After]
colors = ColorData[97, #] & /@ Range[6];
polymarkers = {"DownTriangle", "SevenPointedStar", "FourPointedStar", 
mylegend = 
  MaTeX[TeXForm[#], Magnification -> 0.5] & /@ {{"5X", "6Y", "8Z", 
     "9M", "2K", "2N", "2T", "3N", "5O"}, {"1X", "3Y", "5Z", "2L", 
     "9K", "3Z", "7X", "3P", "2T"}, {"3K", "6M"}, {"3H", "6K"}, {"X4",
      "Y5", "C6", "1K"}, {"X6", "Y6", "C6", "Z6"}};
legend1[colors, polymarkers, mylegend, , Joined -> True]

enter image description here


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Method is overrided because you specified LegendLayout. The solution is to manually set a "reversed" LegendLayout:

LegendLayout -> (Grid[Reverse /@ #, Alignment -> {Right, Center}, Spacings -> {1, -1}] &)

enter image description here


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