So, I have imported data from a software called NextNano, plotting electron density. My first step was to define the data within the desired domain data={,},.... Next I used the Interpolation[data], such that I was able to receive the following plot: enter image description here.

This was the correct plot from the software, but after I used the integration feature to the plot, this was the graph I received: enter image description here.

I cannot fathom why the integral of this graph, again, the result of receiving InterpolationFunction from the Interpolation[data], has a maximum of 17.9 where the max of the first graph is around 1.8. Is this just an issue with the formatting in which Mathematica is implying the max of the integral is 1.7, or is something I'm doing incorrect?

Thank you.

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    $\begingroup$ You seem to have done this correctly, your second plot looks very much like the integral of your first plot. But you should not expect their max values to be approx equal. Remember that the integral measures area. How big is the area under your first plot? A very rough estimate is that it is approximately equal to the area of a triangle with base $15$ and height $2$. $\endgroup$
    – user293787
    Jun 24 at 0:46


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