I am looking for a straightforward way to export results from functions like ImageContents, FacialFeatures, and WolframAlpha - symbols that return stuff containing knowledgebase content.

Aside from obvious non-JSON-exportable things like Missing[], Complex, None, etc. exporting Quantities and Entities look like the main hurdle.

Is there a standard way to replace them with common name strings and strip uuids so that they are jsonifiable as well as understandable to the non-wolfram world?


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You can use "ConversionFunction" / "ConversionRules" for "RawJSON" export and define whatever you want, and as a quick start you can do:

 {1, Quantity[1, "Meters"], Missing[], 1 - I, None}
, "RawJSON"
, "Compact" -> 1
, "ConversionFunction" -> (
    <|"type" -> "ExpressionJSON", 
      "value" -> ImportString[ 
        ExportString[#, "ExpressionJSON", "Compact" -> True]
      , "JSON"]
    |> &

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