how can I get a plot like this?

enter image description here

I tried with in Mathematica 13.0:

f[x_] := Piecewise[{{x + 1, x < 2}, {x + 1, x > 2}}]
Plot[f[x], {x, -1, 4}, Exclusions -> {2}]

but my output is: enter image description here

Someone can help me pls? thanks


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Since you're willing to use Exclusions, you might also want to use ExclusionsStyle:

Plot[f[x], {x, -1, 4}, 
  Exclusions -> {2}, 
  ExclusionsStyle -> {None, Directive[Red, PointSize[.02]]}]

One way to also show the "dangling" point would be to combine plots:

  {Plot[f[x], {x, -1, 4}, Exclusions -> {2}, ExclusionsStyle -> {None, Directive[White, PointSize[.01]]}], 
   DiscretePlot[f[x], {x, 2, 2}, Filling -> None]}]

Obviously this doesn't lend itself to automation for arbitrary piecewise functions. For that, maybe look at the link provided in the comments above.

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks man very usefull $\endgroup$ Jun 14 at 9:36

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