I'm trying to get my plot ticks in decimal form. The automatic output is

Plot[x, {x, 0, 10^-5}]

plot with tick in scientific form

but I would like all ticks in the format 0.000008 etc.

I tried the following method, described in a previous Q&A:

longticks = Show[#, AbsoluteOptions[#, Ticks] /. {n_?NumberQ, n_, a_List, b_List} :> {n, AccountingForm[n], a, b}] &;
Plot[x, {x, 0, 10^-5}] // longticks

but it doesn't do what I hoped, as you can see below:

plot with ticks like 2*^-6

I'm using Mathematica version 13.0.


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It seems that the approach from the linked answer is sound but a small modification of the replacement pattern is needed, perhaps because the tick specification format may have changed since that answer:

longticks2 = Show[#, AbsoluteOptions[#, Ticks] /. {pos_, lbl:Except[""], len_} :> {pos, AccountingForm[pos], len}]&

Plot[x, {x, 0, 10^-5}] // longticks2

plot with desired long-form ticks e.g. 0.00001


You can create the strings in any way you want them.

myticks= Function[
                {12, 7}, 
                NumberSigns -> {"-", "+"},
                NumberPadding->{" ","0"}

    , {x, 0, 10^-5}
    ,FrameTicks-> {
        myticks/@FindDivisions[{0,  10^-5}, 3],
        myticks/@FindDivisions[{0,  10^-5}, 10]

enter image description here

Even though this, I think, answers your question, it does look rather ugly and hard to read. I would advise against ever showing numbers with so many insignificant decimal points. Better to use integer numbers on a proper scale.


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