I have a list of treatments:


I want to use this list to populate a PopupMenu. The number of treatments can change at runtime. If I choose the first treatment I want to get a value 1, if second then 2 and so on. It does not matter what their names are.

How do I implement this?


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max = 5;
choices = RandomWord["Verb", max]
wts = Range[max]
pdata = AssociationThread[choices, wts]
<|"obtrude" -> 1, "enrich" -> 2, "seam" -> 3, "chap" -> 4, 
 "hurdle" -> 5|>
x = RandomChoice[Keys@pdata]
  Dynamic[x], Keys@pdata]
 , Dynamic[pdata[x]]

If you are already using a DynamicModule then:

DynamicModule[{x0 = RandomChoice[Keys@pdata]},
 {PopupMenu[Dynamic[x0], Keys@pdata]
  , Dynamic[pdata[x0]]

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