I have 159 PDF in a folder with nothing else in it. I need them all converted to raw text. I found the documentation for doing them one at a time, which worked. To do them in bulk I tried this

    Export[(C : \\ filepath \\ #.txt) & /@ Range[159], 
  Import["C:\\filepath\\*.pdf", "Plaintext"], "TEXT"];

which did not work. I can deal with the converted files as just separately numbered but if the original PDF filename survived as the name for the .txt file that would be better.

@Syed - Just figured out your hint. This worked perfectly!!

 ToString[#], ".txt"], ptVers[[#]], "TEXT"] & /@ Range[160];



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I created a folder pdftest inside my Documents folder and put three pdf files there with one line of text each to create a MWE.

enter image description here

files = FileNames["pdftest/*.pdf"]
{"pdftest\\I am file no 1.pdf", "pdftest\\I am file no 2.pdf", \
"pdftest\\I am file no 3.pdf"}
Import[#, "Plaintext"] & /@ files

{"I am file no 1 ", "I am file no 2 ", "I am file no 3 "}

From here, you can choose to StringJoin the individual items in the list or use as required.


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