I have a group:

group = PermutationGroup[{Cycles[{{1, 3, 6}, {2, 4}}], Cycles[{{6, 7}}]}];

And I have s subgroup

subgroup = PermutationGroup[{Cycles[{{6,7}}],Cycles[{{2,4}}],Cycles[{{1,7}}]}];

We can check it:

ResourceFunction["SubgroupQ"][subgroup, group]


So how to find all left cosets(or just the representative element in all left cosets) about subgroup in group?


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Since two left cosets $g\cdot H$ and $h \cdot H$ satisfies $g\cdot H= h \cdot H$ is equavalent to $ h^{-1}\cdot g\in H$,we set it as the equivalence relationships and use Gather.

   GroupElementQ[subgroup, PermutationProduct[InversePermutation[#1], #2]] &]

There are 4 cosets.

enter image description here


First edit

Since $b\in aH$, if and only if $aH=bH$:

Union[Sort[#, Less] &/@ Table[Table[
    PermutationProduct[e, i], {i, GroupElements[subgroup]}], {e, 

enter image description here

The representative elements are respectively:

First /@ %


Ugly, but work.

Second edit (The efficiency version)

leftcosets[{}, r_] := r
leftcosets[remaineles_, r_ : {}] := 
 Module[{representative = First[remaineles], coset}, 
    coset = Table[PermutationProduct[representative, i], {i, 
       GroupElements[subgroup]}]], Append[r, coset]]]

It very quick. I'll use a larger group as an example:

group = PermutationGroup[{Cycles[{{1, 2, 7, 10, 5, 8}, {3, 4}, {6, 
       9}}], Cycles[{{1, 6}, {2, 4, 8, 7, 10, 9}, {3, 5}}]}];
subgroup = GroupStabilizer[group, {3}];

Performance comparsion

 result1 = Gather[GroupElements[group], 
      PermutationProduct[InversePermutation[#], #2]] &];]

{17.0175, Null} ← cvgmt's method

AbsoluteTiming[result2 = leftcosets[GroupElements[group]];]

{0.133693, Null} ← my method

Equal to inspection

SortBy[Sort /@ result1, First] === SortBy[Sort /@ result2, First]


Third edit (just get the representative element of left cosets)




Share another elegant method to list all right cosets. The only regret is that it cannot be used to find left cosets. Because The inverse of the right coset canonical representative about $p$ is not in the same left coset with $p$:

GatherBy[GroupElements[group], RightCosetRepresentative[subgroup, #] &]

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