This is a rather simple question that I cannot quite figure out how to do. Basically, I have the result of some matrix multiplication in which my resultant matrix has a mixture of commutative and non-commutative symbols.

Is there a way to factor out the commutative symbols automatically? For example, one line in my matrix has non-commuting symbols e and g, and a constant $\Omega_1$ that commutes with everything.

I have used the following rules

SetCommutative[\[CapitalOmega]1, \[CapitalOmega]2, \[CapitalDelta]1, \[CapitalDelta]2]
SetNonCommutative[g, e, r]
DisplayRule = NonCommutativeMultiply[a__] :> Infix[NonCommutativeMultiply[a],"\InvisibleTimes]\[InvisibleTimes]"]

Which has allowed me to get NCAlgebra to output the following

$\Omega_1$ (e g) - $\Omega_1$ (g e)

and I would like it to factor to

$\Omega_1$ (e g - g e)

Is it possible to add another rule to get this sort of factorization I would like?


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Ok, I found the function NCCollect from this question which can factor like so

NCCollect[a ** b ** c - a ** b ** d, {a, b}]

results in

a ** b ** (c - d)

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