I am trying to deploy a form where a user can enter their information such as their ID or any identifier only pertaining to them and then view the corresponding contents formatted as a dataset.

A similar question was asked in here: Display Dataset[Databin[]] as result for cloud deployed FormFunction

But his problem was slightly different as he wanted to view the contents formatted as a dataset when a user enters a public databin ID. In contrast, I want the form to return a dataset of the input from a given databin. For example, I have a dataset looking like this: enter image description here

And I want to deploy a form that asks for id and returns the second row of the dataset when user enters danay.

I feel like I can refactor the following code from his post but I'm a beginner so I'm not sure how. Please help!

 FormFunction[{"Databin ID:" -> <|
     "Help" -> "Enter the ID of a public Databin", 
     "Interpreter" -> "String"|>, }, 
  ExportForm[Dataset[Databin[#"Databin ID:"]],"CloudCDF"] &], Permissions -> "Public"]


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