If I deploy this code:

CloudDeploy[FormPage[{"x" -> <|"Input" -> "Apple"|>}, Identity]]

When I execute the URL the form is automaticaly submitted as in the image below

form image

To prevend auto submitting, as mentioned in this post, I tried:

CloudDeploy[FormPage[{"x" -> <|"Input" -> "Apple", "AutoSubmitting" -> False|>}, Identity]]

...but without success. Any clue?

The real case is a form with some default values that can be changed before the submition.

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    $\begingroup$ Adding HoldForm suppresses the automatic submission but keeps the default input: CloudDeploy[FormPage[{"x" -> <|"Input" -> HoldForm["Apple"]|>}, Identity]] $\endgroup$
    – rowsi
    Mar 31, 2022 at 12:02

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Using @rowsi's hint, in my real world case "Apple" is a variable, so we need Evaluate to solve It:

myVar = "Apple";
      {"x" -> <|"Input" -> HoldForm@Evaluate[myVar]|>}
      , Identity

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