I Try to solve TSP problem by writing the linear program of this problem (I know that FindShortestTour Function can solve it but I need to solve it manually), I generate the linear program correctly and then I give it to NMinimize and take the solution. The program is ok until the number of cities is 20, After that it take long time and then show message error "The Kernel is not responding to Dynamic Evolution. You may either choose to abort or restart the kernel or continue waiting. Dynamic update can be re-enabled by using the Dynamic Updating Enabled command in the Evolution Menu"

I search about solution for this problem and try the following

Edit -> Preferences -> Open Option Inspector -> Cell Options -> Evolution Options and then set "Dynamic evolution Timeout" to Infinity, then this error appears every time even If I try to open help, I Change it to a large number like 100 but it still appear after some minutes of evolution

I know that there is a large number of variables and constraints, For Example if n = 50 then

variables count 2500

Constraints count = 5000

But I know that Mathematica is very powerful software for calculation like this, I think there is some thing wrong in memory management

Note: this is a problem in many topics, For example I have some code that is written in matlab and that solves TSP by Appling genetic algorithm it is executed for populationSize =4000 and iteration 1000000, but when I convert it to Mathematica it is ok for small numbers, and for large numbers it gives the same error in picture and stop (I don not think that Matlab is more efficient than mathematica) so I feel there is some thing error in options and managements

Can any one Help me ???



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