How to get the language icons used in the external language evaluation cells?

Here is a screenshot of the cells:

enter image description here


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After examining the output:

CurrentValue[{StyleDefinitions, "ExternalLanguage"}]

we can come up with the following command:

aProgIcons = 
 Association[# -> RawBoxes@#2 & @@@ ExternalEvaluate`FE`GetExternalLanguageMenuData[]]

enter image description here

Remark: The values of the association are Graphics(Box), so they can be rasterized or exported in whatever format.


(* RawBoxes[GraphicsBox[
   List[FaceForm[List[RGBColor[1.`, 1.`, 1.`], Opacity[1.`]]], 
    FilledCurveBox[List[List[List[1, 4, 3], List[1, 3, 3], ... *)

Thanks to Kuba for providing this answer!


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