Can we construct a function f, g in mathematica such that

For any list L,

g[Flatten[L],f[L]] becomes L.

More explanation :
f[..] outputs the structure of a given list L (nested structure)
g[..,..] restores original list L, from flattened list and the structure of the list.

I bet there is a built-in function or someone else already have made it.

This question is related with generalization of

Applying f for a part of list (MapAt is slow)


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ClearAll[f, g]
f = Identity;
g = Internal`CopyListStructure[#2, #] &;


list = {{1, {2, 3}, {4, 5}}, {{{6, 7}}}, {{8, {{{9}}}}, {10, 11}}};

g[Flatten @ list, f @ list] == list

Note: Internal`CopyListStructure[arg1_, arg2_] requires Length[Flatten @ arg1] == Length @ arg2:


Internal`CopyListStructure[{{a, {b, {{{{{c}}}}, d}}}}, {2, 3, 4, 1}]
{{2, {3, {{{{{4}}}}, 1}}}}
Internal`CopyListStructure[{{a, {b, {c}}}}, {{x, y}, {r, s, t, {u}}, 1}]
{{{x, y}, {{r, s, t, {u}}, {1}}}}

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