I've been reading many posts about how to use FindPeaks. I am working with some GPX data and was looking to plot an elevation profile with points at the peaks and troughs, potentially with those locations shown as a text object. I was not able to use the information to get this to work, so hoping for some help. I've posted the .csv file here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WjqlH-LV8333DSr9_YBsrQtn3vxZ7zjk/view?usp=sharing

FYI, these are distances and elevations between Antelope Wells New Mexico and Hachita New Mexico. Best case scenario would be a ListLinePlot with labelled points at the SIGNIFICANT peaks and troughs.

Any hints/advice/help is appreciated.


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You can first smooth your data using a filter and then call "FindPeaks". Here is an example:

d = Import["d:/downloads/data.csv"];
da = d[[All, 2]];
da = LowpassFilter[da, 0.1];

peaks = FindPeaks[da][[All, 1]];
ListPlot[d, Epilog -> {Red, Point[d[[peaks]]]}]

enter image description here

For troughs you do the same with inverted data.

peaks = Pick[data, PeakDetect[data[[All, 2]], 2, .05], 1]
trs = Pick[data, PeakDetect[-data[[All, 2]], 2, .05], 1]
ListPlot[{data, peaks, trs}, 
 PlotStyle -> {Blue, {AbsolutePointSize[5], 
    Red}, {AbsolutePointSize[5], Darker@Green}}]

enter image description here

I have used the method presented in 54757.


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