I'm using Mathematica 12.3 and in this version sliders are placed really awkwardly:

enter image description here

They are placed to the side instead of on top which makes them take up huge amounts of space. I believe in old versions they used to be on top. Is there a way to make them display on top without too much hassle (otherwise I would have to do that for everytime I use manipulate and I use manipulate a lot)


a = 1;
ω0 = 1.;
ω =.;
t =.;
k[ω_] := 2/a ArcSin[ω/(2 ω0)]
 Animate[Plot[Re[Exp[I (ω t - k[ω] x)]], {x, 0, 6}, 
   PlotRange -> {-1, 1}], {t, 0, (2 π)/ω}], {{ω, 1}, 0, 3}]

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You can adjust the ControlPlacement option. To avoid setting the option every time, you may add

SetOptions[Manipulate, ControlPlacement -> Top]

to your SystemOpen@"init.m" file.

  • $\begingroup$ Oh wow how did I not find this option. Thanks this is very useful! $\endgroup$ Feb 5, 2022 at 13:41

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