If one evaluates ?GoochShading, the output is some info about the function as well as links to its documentation:


One can click the circled i or the Local » link to open the documentation for it. How can I write that link which opens local docs in text or a Hyperlink? I'm going to self answer about the Local » link, but is the circled i link the same?


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You may use WolframLanguageData.

To get a formatted hyperlink.

doclink = WolframLanguageData["GoochShading"]["WolframDocumentationLink"]

To view the InputForm

Hyperlink["GoochShading", "paclet:ref/GoochShading"]

Hope this helps.


I was going to use FullForm to see the link used in the InformationData result, but apparently that's not necessary: Information[GoochShading,"Documentation"] yields

"Local" -> "paclet:ref/GoochShading", 
"Web" -> "http://reference.wolfram.com/language/ref/GoochShading.html"

and Hyperlink@"paclet:ref/GoochShading" works to open the docs. Now I can both pester people to search the docs themselves, and actually point them to specific doc pages.


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