in most of my job I have to repeat something for different part of data, for example making plot, usually the only thing need to change is index. Below is the example of the code which I have to change it manually, I want to know how to use for loop, or another method, to make the change automatically.

Rse1xytyp1 = Select[section1, #[[5]] == 1 &];
se1xytyp1 = SortBy[Rse1xytyp1[[All, {3, 4}]], Last];
se1Arctyp1 = SortBy[Rse1xytyp1[[All, {2, 5}]], Last];
s1xyplot1 = 

ListPlot[se1xytyp1, PlotStyle -> RGBColor[1.0000, 0, 0.3647],
AxesLabel -> {"X", "Y"},
PlotLabels -> Placed[{"Type 1, Section 1"}, Above]];

s1arcplot1 =
ListPlot[se1Arctyp1, PlotStyle -> RGBColor[1.0000, 0, 0.3647],
 AxesLabel -> {ArcLength, "Type"},
PlotLabels -> Placed[{"Type 1, Section 1"}, Above]];

In This code, in first line Rse1xytyp1 = Select[section1, #[[5]] == 1 &]; I need to change the #[[5]] == 1 & from 1 to 15 then plot everything. Also I like to change the plot's names too. How can I do it?


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I would like to suggest not using a for loop neither naming each plot with a different name. First, create a function that does everything you need, which takes this variable quantity as an argument and returns a list with the two plots:

Rse1xytyp1 = Select[sect, #[[5]] == key &];
(* here follows all the code you have included in the question *)
] (* closes Module[] *)

Then, Map[ ] this function in the required range and keep the result in a list:

(* keep this semicolon to avoid useless output *)

Finally, generate any array of graphics you need. Note that each plot has a single id, for instance plotList[[3,2]] is s1arcplot1 for key==3. Having all plots in a list helps:

GraphicsGrid[plotList[[1;;3]] ]  
(* draws a stacked pair of the two plots for keys 1, 2, and 3 *)

I could not test the program, since I don't have the data, hence this code snippet may have typos or mistakes; I hope the general idea is clear.


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