I've a list of Entities from Wikidata

listOfKeys = {"Ambientalismo", "Anoressia", "Aspetto fisico", 
   "Attivismo", "Burocrazia", "COVID-19", "Cambiamento climatico", 
   "Canoni estetici"};

list3 = First[#, Missing["NotFound"]] & /@ (WikidataSearch /@ 
    listOfKeys) //DeleteMissing

Then I defined a function to look for the parent of the Entity and apply it to the element of the list: (this instruction

     "P279", <|"Label" -> "SubclassOf"|>]

means that the ID is P279 and it's human readable meaning is SubclassOf)

findParent := # -> 
     "P279", <|"Label" -> "SubclassOf"|>]] &

Graph[findParent /@ list3]

The result first problem is that the graph should connect an entity to another entity, while I get a list of associations between 1 entity and a list of entities.

enter image description here


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Define findParent as:

findParent = Thread[# -> WikidataData[#, 
   ExternalIdentifier["WikidataID", "P279", <|"Label" -> "SubclassOf"|>]] ] &; 

edges = Flatten[findParent /@ list3];

 VertexShapeFunction -> 
    (Text[Framed @ Style[#2["Label"] /. _Missing -> #2, Black, 12], #] &), 
 ImageSize -> 900] 

enter image description here


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