Words with 6 letters are to be formed from the word "MEDICALOUS". If repetition is allowed, find the number of possible 6-letter words that can be formed if there is at least one letter being repeated.

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letters = Characters@"MEDICALOUS"
(*    {"M", "E", "D", "I", "C", "A", "L", "O", "U", "S"}    *)

combinations = 
  StringJoin /@ Union @@ (Tuples[#, 6] & /@ Subsets[letters, {5}])
       "UUUUUM", "UUUUUO", "UUUUUS", "UUUUUU"}    *)

(*    848800    *)

words = Select[combinations, DictionaryWordQ]
       "SULIDS", "SUMMED", "SUSSED", "SUSSES"}    *)

(*    436    *)

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