I have a quick question, please help me if you have an idea: 1- i need to read the data in another format, in the desired answer the records must be separated by &&, and without braces { } . in my file each record is written in one line . I have this now:

R2 = ReadList["C:\\Users\\hessam\\Documents\\Mathout.txt", String]
result ----> {xP == x + y, yP == x + y + z, zP == z, wP == w} // i dont want this
// must be this xP == x + y && yP == x + y + z && zP == z && wP == w

String replace does not help because each returned record is a separate string. i dont know how to handle it.

StringReplace[R2, "," -> "&&"]



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Assume R2 contains a list of strings as returned from ReadList.

We may then use the 2 argument form of StringRiffle to obtain what you want:

res=StringRiffle[R2, "&&"]

enter image description here

Head reveals that this is really only one string:


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