I have a little question about boundaries conditions. I solved a differential equation and these are x-dependent functions. They are classified using two indices (i,j) like:


For example if i=0,j=0 we have a particular function:


and the output is: Sorry for low resolution

Every function are defined in domain [0,a+Lin+i incrementoL+win+ j incrementow], thet depends on values of indices i and j, where 'a' is a constant, 'incrementoL' is a constant and 'incrementow' is a constant. At the start and at the end of domain the function is zero.

I can plot this function:

enter image description here

In the domain defined, the function is zero at the boundary.

Now I nedd to crate an interpolation function, to vary the indices, so I create the following table:

matrixwave[1] = Flatten[Table[{Lin + incrementoL i , win + incrementow j , 
funcs[1][i][j]}, {i, 0, passiL}, {j, 0, passiw}], 1]

where Lin,incrementoL,incrementow,passiL,passiw are real constants. Then I try to interpolate the functions:


Then I try to plot several slices of the interpolation functions:

Plot[intfuncs[1][Lin + incrementoL,win + incrementow],{x,0,a+Lin+win+ incrementoL+incrementow}

and I obtain:

enter image description here

and the function is not correct.It isn't zero a the boundaries. Any tips, helps ?


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