For example, I have the following integral expression:

g[x, y] = Integrate[f[x, y],x]

How can I modify the above expression to achieve the following definite integral:

h[x,y,a_,b_] = Integrate[f[x, y],{x,a,b}]

i.e. I am looking for a method to convert indefinite to definite integral.


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Let us introduce the following rule:


rule=Integrate[k_[x, y], x] -> Integrate[k[x, y], {x, a, b}];


Integrate[f[x, y], x] /. rule


enter image description here

Have fun!


You did not show a use case of why what you are doing is needed.

An option is to take advantage of Mathematica function name overloading.

h[f_, x_, y_] := Integrate[f[x, y], x]
h[f_, x_, y_, a_, b_] := Integrate[f[x, y], {x, a, b}]

And now you can do

Mathematica graphics

I do not see a reason to make things more complicated, unless the above does not do what you wanted.


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