You do a ListPlot.

Plot[Sin[x^2], {x, 0, 1}]  
pdat1 = With[{fig = Plot[Sin[x^2], {x, 0, 1}]},   
First@Cases[fig, Line[x_] :> x, Infinity]];  

fig 1
fig 2
fig 3
fig 4
fig 5
fig 6

You get your diagram. fig 1.
You select the ListPlot area.
A red fram shows.
A tooltip says: Double-click to edit. fig 2.
You Double-click the plot line.
Another red fram shows. fig 3.
You again Double-click the plot line.
The data points become visible. fig 4.
You take a handle to resize a data point. fig 5.
You deselect the Plot. fig 6.

There are now some new values constitute the diagram.
Question is:
How can you list/table the plot diagram values after this manipulation?


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You can do the following:-

    points = Cases[
    Cases[InputForm["Paste Here"], Line[___], 
     Infinity], {_?NumericQ, _?NumericQ}, Infinity];

copy paste your modified plot where it says "Paste Here"

Now you can simply plot it


I got this from here


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