I have a string that has blanks marked by a marker; (in this case, an underscore):


I can execute the following command to get the word.

DictionaryLookup["f" ~~ _ ~~ "ath" ~~ _ ~~ "r"]


How do I create and provide this pattern to the DictionaryLookup function starting from the given string?


Edit: Example of a typical use case

Starting with a phrase or sentence, for instance: "Actions speak louder than words"; and adding blanks to it randomly.

a_t_o_s _pe_k l_ude_ t_a_ w__ds

which upon Dictionary look up becomes:

enter image description here


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pattern = StringReplace["f_ath_r", "_" -> Blank[]]
"f" ~~ _ ~~ "ath" ~~ _ ~~ "r"
DictionaryLookup @ pattern

Generalizing to allow __ and ___ in the input string:

toSPattern = StringReplace[p : Repeated["_", {1, 3}] :> ToExpression[p]];

{"father", "feather", "featherier", "forefather", "forgather"}
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