For publications usually images in TIFF format are required in high resolutions. Where can I change settings for images that are being saved (using RMB click "Save Graphic As..."), so I don't need to post process them in Illustrator?


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Using the ImageSize and ImageResolution options can be a bit tricky sometimes, but this will usually work:

g = Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 10}]

cm = 72/2.54 (* centimetre *)

Export["figure.tiff", Show[g, ImageSize -> 10 cm], ImageResolution -> 300]

This will export an image 10 cm wide with 300 dpi resolution.

The important point was to use ImageSize inside Show and not directly in Export.

Note: you must use a command to export with these settings. If you export using the GUI then you can't change these options.

Also, I recommend using a vector format such as PDF for publication, except for 3D graphics.


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