I've imported an Excel with 2 columns (Address and Final Address) which are both urls.

myimport = {{"Address", 
  "Final Address"}, 
aiutarti-a-scegliere-gli-infissi/"}, {"http://www.anekitalia.com/", 
  "https://www.anekitalia.com/"}, {"http://www.bagnochic.com/", 

Then I defined a pure function to match a List of 2 elements and Mapped it to all the elements of the list:

f[{a_, b_}] :=  SequenceAlignment[a, b]
Map[f, myimport[[All, 1 ;; 2]]]

Reading this answer I wanted to Apply to each element of the list a second function:

  sa /. {a_, b_} :> {Style[a, Red], "(", Style[b, Green], ")"}]]

sa is defined in the question that I've linked and it's just

sa = SequenceAlignment[text1, text2]

How can I combine f and the replacement copied from the answer?


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f[{a_, b_}] := SequenceAlignment[a, b]

sa = Map[f, myimport[[All, 1 ;; 2]]];

Row[Flatten[sa /. {a_String, b_String} :>
    {Style[a, Red], "(", Style[b, Green], ")"}]]

Specifying the type (String) for a and/or b prevents the replacement applying to the overall lists.

Alternatively, with output as strings:

f[{a_, b_}] := StringJoin[SequenceAlignment[a, b] /. 
   {c_String, d_String} :>
    {ToString[Style[c, Red], StandardForm], "(",
     ToString[Style[d, Green], StandardForm], ")"}]

Column[Map[f, myimport[[All, 1 ;; 2]]]]

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