As specified in the documentation for Glow, the code Graphics3D[{Glow[Red], Black, Cylinder[]}] displays a cylinder that glows red, but has a black surface that reflects no light.

If I execute that code in a notebook on my desktop (using Mathematica 12.3.1 on my desktop), the cylinder continues to glow red while my mouse dragging causes it to rotate. But if I execute that code in a notebook stored in Mathematica Online, the cylinder becomes black during such a rotation. The red glow returns only after I stop the rotation by lifting my left mouse button.

Is it a known issue with the 3D rendering code in Mathematica Online that Glow isn't implemented during mouse-driven rotations?

Is there perhaps documentation that describes how the rendering code in Mathematica Online differs from that in the desktop version? In particular, are there issues that I should be watching out for other than Glow?


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