I am interested in doing some quantum operator calculations - and tried using a quantum mathematica package as outlined in this question.

One suggestion in the comments was that I could try using the NCAlgebra package. But I am having trouble installing that package, and am not sure how to troubleshoot the error messages.

When I run the installation code:


I get an error message that reads: enter image description here

It says its a successful install dispite these error messages, but when I do as they ask and load the package it says it fails:

enter image description here

I'm not sure how to interpret this error message. I posted this question on the github for the NCAlgebra package, but considering that very few questions have been asked there (all unanswered), I figured it would be better to ask here.


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In the latest version of NCAlgebra I have explicitly added an UTF8 encoding flag during the import statements used by the installer. Hopefully this will help with these encoding issues. I do not have access to a computer with the particular encoding that you are referring to so please let me know if this is still an issue.


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