I have data set, say, {${x_i, y_i}$} where $i$ varies from $1$ to $n$. Now, how can I construct the matrices

$M_i=\{\{1,x_i,x_i\},\{\ x_i,1,y_i\},\{x_i, y_i, 1 \}\}$

and perform the following operations ?

$\{V3_{i}, V2_{i}, V1_{i}\} = Eigenvectors[M_i]$

$R = Transpose[{V1_{i}, V2_{i}, V3_{i}}]$


You can pretty much do as you already have.

Transpose@*Reverse@*Eigenvectors@*({{1, #1, #1}, {#1, 1, #2}, {#1, #2, 1}} &) @@@ data

For example with data = (SeedRandom["Homotopy Theory is cool"]; RandomReal[{0, 1}, {100, 2}];), the above gives (after a Short[Chop@#, 2] &)


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