I simply want to be able to assign the subscript from something like Subscript[x, 1] to a new variable. How should I do this?

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    – wolfies
    Aug 1, 2021 at 23:24

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If you have a variable

y=Subscript[x, 1]; 

then to extract the index it suffices to do


which in this case returns 1 as expected.

For more than one indices, this works

In[1]:= y=Subscript[x,1,2,3]
Out[1]= Subscript[x,1,2,3]

In[2]:= y[[2;;-1]]/.Subscript->List
Out[2]= {1,2,3}

For y with any number of subscripts ,

Rest[List @@ y]

also works. For instance

y = Subscript[x, 1, 2];
Rest[List @@ y]
(* {1, 2} *)

As a word of advice, use Subscript and the like for formatting expressions for display but not for symbolic computations, where it sometimes leads to problems.


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