I am interested in a purchasing a 3D mouse to navigate 3d Mathematica graphics. I am interested in the Spacemouse Wireless (by 3Dconnexion) found here:


I see an older version of the Spacemouse was compatible with an older version of Mathematica (shown briefly) in this video:


However, I have found little to no mention of anyone using a 3D mouse or any joystick controller for a few years. And it look like Mathematica removed support for the Spacemouse a few years ago in Mathematica 11 according to this post:

3D SpaceNavigator recognized but doesn't move 3D objects

Is anyone successfully using the Spacemouse or any other 3D mouse in version 12? I'm open to joysticks if you have any suggestions. However, I do think I would prefer one-handed control with 6 degrees of freedom the Spacemouse offers.



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