I am trying to import the lexicon for the Game of Life, preserving the structured information as far as possible automatically (so if the data changes a future import will update it).

The text form of the lexicon is here:

lexicon = Import["https://conwaylife.com/ref/lexicon/zip/lex_asc.zip", "lexicon.txt"]

Apart from the introductory text, the format for each configuration is of the form

:1-2-3-4: (p4)  See also {Achim's p4}.

where the name is delimited by :...: and the starting configuration is a table of where {. -> 0, * -> 1}. So I'm after an Association of named configurations in a computable format.

My overall goal is to implement the full lexicon as a (graphical and/or text) PopupMenu, say in a Demonstration, that can be used to select the element and then play the game, something like the interface of 1, only "better"...



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