I have a set of data points githubdata and I want to draw the smmooth region that they occupy. I want a result similar to what we get when we use RegionPlot[]. When I ListPlot[] my data, I get the following image

enter image description here

But I need a smoother image. I want to see the boundary marked by thick lines and smoothed out, just like when we plot something using RegionPlot[]

enter image description here

Any suggestions on how to achieve this with the given data set?

  • $\begingroup$ Your data file has only two coordinates. Where did the $K$ values come from? To see more "detail", you'll need to rotate the points. Maybe: r = RotationTransform[-99.2 2 \[Pi]/360, Mean[data]]; ListPlot[r[data], PlotLabel -> "-99.2 degree rotation"]. $\endgroup$ – JimB Apr 25 at 23:11
  • $\begingroup$ K is detail, I have 2 more files like the one I have provided. They are regions for different K. These are all details. K has nothing to do with spatial coordinates. The data is alright as it is. $\endgroup$ – gsuer Apr 26 at 5:19

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