Given a graph which has already been constructed, how can I add, e.g., the option VertexSize -> 3 to that graph without having to deconstruct the graph?

  • $\begingroup$ Perhaps Show["graph",VertexSize->3]? $\endgroup$ Apr 16 '21 at 12:10

To add newoptions to a graph object g, you can use

  1. Graph[g, newoptions]
  2. Annotate[g, newoptions]
  3. SetProperty[g, newoptions]


options = {VertexSize -> Large, PlotTheme -> "IndexLabeled", VertexStyle -> {1 -> Red}};


Grid[Partition[#,2], Dividers -> All]&[Labeled[#, HoldForm @ #, Top] & /@
 {Unevaluated[rg = RandomGraph[{5, 9}, ImageSize -> 300]], 
  Unevaluated @ Graph[rg, options], 
  Unevaluated @ Annotate[rg, options],
  Unevaluated @ SetProperty[rg,  options]}]

enter image description here


There's quite a nice copy function that lets you keep it as a graph expression

enter image description here

Probably more efficient ways if you have assigned the graph or use the % output

However as mentioned in the comments you should be able to manipulate by pasting the graph expression in place of "graph"


@Ulrich Neumann


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